Let’s add a state management solution to a React app in just a few lines of code!

The Problem

As your React application grows, you will likely need a solution for state management. State management can be a difficult problem to solve, and although there are several solutions available (Redux, React Context, Apollo, etc.) some can be difficult to implement and each has its pros and cons.

If you’ve ever wanted to compile Go on Android this is the guide for you!

Gopher was created by Takuya Ueda (https://twitter.com/tenntenn). Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.

Why use Go on Android?

My primary reason for compiling Go on Android was to use a tool that was written in Go. I wanted to embed that binary in my custom ROM I was building from the AOSP source.


To follow along with this tutorial you will need a rooted Android device, some knowledge of the Go language is helpful although not required. Some knowledge of ADB would be helpful but again it isn’t required since I’ll walk you through what the commands do.

If you’ve ever wanted to run Python on Android this is the article for you.

Why Use Python on Android?

Because Python is awesome! But seriously the main reason I embedded Python into my custom ROM was that I had a lot of scripts running on startup and as those scripts got larger and more complex they became more difficult to maintain. One day I needed a script that did some work that was quite a bit more complex than before and I needed to crunch some numbers so I finally decided to make the switch. I never changed any of my old shell scripts but I did start only using Python moving forward. Why did I switch? …

If you’ve ever wanted to run Node on Android this is the article for you!

I created this guide to explain some things about running Node on Android. We will go over how to get up and running with Javascript and Node on Android. When I originally tried to find information on this I found it hard to come up with anything solid so I thought I would share my findings here!

Why Would You Want to Run Node / Javascript on Android?

The reason I originally looked into this was that I had a WebRTC application that needed a signaling server and I wanted to run it on the embedded system so I wouldn’t need a second computer. Another use case might be that you…

Aaron Watson

I’m a Full Stack Developer from Canada specializing in React, React-Native, Flask, and Apollo.

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